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Gustavo, owner and celebrity makeup artist

Gustavo Mottola

Celebrity Makeup Artist

[Founder and Creator of Gustavo's Organic Skincare Line]

Gustavo Mottola, world-renowned Celebrity Makeup Artist as well as founder & creator of Gustavo's Organic Skincare line. Gustavo Mottola creates a look that is both timeless and accentuates one's own natural beauty. Gustavo launched his own 100% natural skin care because he saw the need for excellence in the skincare and makeup world. His goal was to create a 100% natural skincare line with organic ingredients and organic skincare line that would provide every woman the opportunity to achieve her full beauty potential naturally. Only someone with his master artistic talent and diverse background could know why selecting the very top grade ingredients would make a dramatic difference in the performance of a product. And only someone who has an intimate knowledge of cosmetology could understand which ingredients truly have "breakthrough" abilities.

It is no wonder that Gustavo's specialty and trademark, the “natural beauty” has made him the most consistently requested makeup artist of choice for some of today's celebrities, television personalities and distinguished dignitaries on official state visits to Washington D.C.

Famous Faces

Gustavo Mottola’s remarkable flair for makeup is no secret to the top names in the fashion and entertainment industries. His talent is highly sought after by such celebrities as: Zooey Deschanel, Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Paris Hilton, Kristin Chenoweth, Angelica Huston, Geena Davis, Patricia Clarkson, Annette Bening, Maria Shriver America Ferrera & Ana Ortiz and many others.

Gustavo’s work has been seen on television, commercials and cable stations such as, Lifetime, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, TLC, Fox Television, MSNBC and ABC. Along with the political and news talent in Washington D.C, the socialites of D.C. have been boosting of his talents for years. His magazine covers and product advertisement have been included in such national publications as InStyle, Allure, ELLE, Health, and VOGUE Magazines.

What inspires Gustavo?

He responds "Beauty is an incredibly powerful tool. My goal is to make every woman I meet to see how beautiful they are in the inside and achieve this on the outside. This drives me to take risks for my clients and to give them only the very best, high-quality, innovative products and mistake-proof techniques."

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