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This non-invasive alternative to injectables and fillers features Hyaluronic Acid MicroSpheres    a mixture of high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acids that are perfectly accepted by skin to trap hydration, plump and fill for diminished fine lines and wrinkles. The physical action of the surgical steel roller ball works synergistically with MicroSpheres on delicate newer skin to almost immediately smooth out the appearance of expression wrinkles and increase long-term hydration of the upper layers of the epidermis.

Clinical test results show a 22% decrease in the appearance of forehead expression wrinkles after one hour and lasting up to six hours.

For best results, apply a moisturizer, oil or serum before applying Rapid Response Line Filler. Results are immediate after application and last for hours. Apply twice daily for maximum results and to increase hydration levels on the skin’s surface.

Rapid Response Line Filler

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